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The idea of “Trainers library” is to be a training resources library (crowd sourced) that will be complementary tool in addition to the Trainers Competency Model as part of the European Training Strategy within Erasmus + program.

With the Trainers Competency Model the trainers can identify which skills, behaviors, attitudes, methods, tools they still need to learn and improve, and then go directly to the “Trainers library” to look for resources where they will be user friendly and easy to find, labelled and sorted based on the competencies in the model.

Trainers library” should be a website that is going to serve as a resource center for all trainers working with non-formal education within Erasmus + program where all the available resources will be organized and structured. There would be a forum where the trainers can comment on the usage of the resources, sharing feedback and adjustments to the implementation of the tools.

The Initial phase of collection of resources should be from already created resources (e.g. Salto-Youth toolbox), which are going to be collected, checked for relevance, organized, labelled and uploaded to the website. After the mapping, the rest will be collected with resource crowd sourcing.



Darko Mitevski

has been a trainer since 2002 in different kind of organizations on 3 different continents: trainer for different kinds of NGOs and social enterprises, lecturer at different universities, trainer for companies and consultant for development of organizations. He has worked in different continents, organized more than 150 projects, has been the lead of Train the trainers “Its up to me” which is going to have its 5th edition in 2018. He is passionate about developing young trainers and transfer of know-how, i created many manuals, tools, guides in formal and non-formal education environment. He has experience in managing virtual multinational teams, different kind of task forces and initiatives. He has MBA degree in Strategic management, and bachelor in business administration.

Donatas Petkauskas

is professional supervisor, coach and experiential learning trainer, having more than 15 years of experience in consulting various organizations and individuals, creating and conducting training course on national and international levels. Donatas has extensive experience in non-formal education, training of youth workers and trainers. He is working in the field of non-formal education since 2003, since 2004 he is a member of trainers pool of Lithuanian National Agency (currently an alumni).

Dagna Gmitrowicz

is member a pool of trainers for Polish National Agency since 2001. She supported also learning spaces for other Erasmus + National Agencies, Euroguidance, Bundesvereinigung Kulturelle Kindermund Jugendbildung (BKJ) and European Network of Cultural Centres (BEEC). Moreover she is an art therapist and youth worker supporting youth development with fewer opportunities as well as educational methods. For 6 years she has worked in a mental hospital with youngster with suicidal attempts. She is an experienced facilitator and process designer who creates meaningful learning spaces at conferences, workshops and retreats. She facilitated several strategic meetings for National Agencies within a contents of inclusion  disadvantaged youth.

Leilani van Rheenen

has been active in youth work, training and coaching since 2008. Her specialty is emotional intelligence, emotional fitness, since it is the primary ingredient in competences such as inter-cultural competence, learning to learn, cooperating successfully in teams, etc. Leilani’s contribution will combine the information and methods she has created with the vast array of tried and tested materials available. Leilani has developed herself as a trainer from the Salto training for trainers, but also from renowned coaches and authors, and adapted methods learned from these sources to meet the needs of youth workers.

Jim Kleiber

has been involved with youth work, training, and consulting for the last 10 years. Since 2014, he has created martial art called Emotional Self-Defense (ESD). In ESD, he runs participants through exercises on how to express their own emotions, imagine and listen to the emotions of others, and communicate with care. He has been a trainer in a variety of subjects with groups such as youth leaders in East Africa, youth workers in Europe, and Fortune 500 companies. He speaks English, Spanish, Swahili, French and Portuguese, and studied inter-cultural communications at university.

Antonio Jovanovski

has been a trainer and activist since 2004 in many different countries. He is head of Go Green Macedonia. He has the extensive experience of facilitating groups and cooperates with schools, universities, and institutes and is voicing out the needs of young people. He works with youth groups encouraging them on political and environmental activism and form of pressure on the local and central governments to change policies.